Life Remodeled is always looking for volunteers to help us advance our mission. Whether it is beautifying Detroit neighborhoods through our Six Day Project or working with one of our tenants at the Durfee Innovation Society, every contribution of time and talent counts and is so appreciated. 

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2020 Six-Day Project

Detroit once housed more than 1.8 million people. However, now with only 650,000 residents, we have a lot of vacant land—thousands of acres of overgrown brush and weeds making certain areas not only visually depressing but also more dangerous.

The City of Detroit’s blight removal program is second to none, however COVID-19 has brought about significant budget cuts. That said, it’s just not possible for vacant properties to be maintained weekly at this time in our city’s history, and we need the help of volunteers like you to continue investing in the neighborhoods surrounding the one stop shop of opportunity that we’ve created together–the Durfee Innovation Society.

Additionally, given the division and polarization we’re facing in our country, we need Six Day Projects where people from all walks of life can work together–now more than ever.

Health and Safety

This year’s Six Day Project will take place Oct. 5-10, 2020. Below are the measures we are doing to keep our volunteers safe and healthy during the Six Day Project:

  • Volunteers will be distanced at least 10 feet at all times.
  • All tools will be pre-sanitized before use.
  • Volunteers will drive their own vehicles to the project site.
  • Each volunteer team will work on one block, and one block only. Blocks will be limited to 10-30 individuals per block, to keep volunteers spread apart.
  • No tool swapping/sharing will take place. Whichever tool you use that day (lawn mower, weed wacker, loppers, rake or shovel) will be used by you and you only.
  • Volunteers are required to bring their own masks, gloves and water. There will be additional masks, gloves and plenty of water available.

Want to Volunteer?

Registration is currently open for groups of 5 or more. Individuals or smaller groups are not able to register at this time. If your organization is interested in volunteering, you must first fill out a form. Click the button titled “Register My Organization” at the top of this page to register your group.

Seeking Skilled Volunteers to Work with Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled is seeking to add a number of skilled volunteers to our team. See the job descriptions posted below and reach out to Sharnese Marshall, Director of Volunteer and Youth Engagement, at with interest.

Youth Sports Assistant

Nutrition Program Coordinator

Math Enrichment Coordinator

Fitness Coordinator

DIS Recruitment Coordinator

Durfee Innovation Society

The Durfee Innovation Society (DIS) is a multi-purpose opportunity hub located in the former Durfee Elementary-Middle School. This space is home to many nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses working to improve outcomes in education, workforce development, entrepreneurship and human services. View current volunteer opportunities with DIS tenants.

Interested in volunteering throughout the year? Please send us an email.

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